Green Mountain Grill VS Traeger – A Detailed Review

One of the greatest tastes you can ever get from preparing food in your backyard is – smoking it over a wood pellet fire. Nowadays, many people are switching from gas and charcoal grills to wood pellet grills.  These grills are quickly becoming popular as an easier way to grill all your favorite BBQ staples. … Read more

How To Smoke Meat On A Gas Grill?

Whenever Summer comes along, it comes with the urge to go to pool parties or beach sides with our friends and family. We kinda made it our habit. But one habit that would never go by is swinging by your friend’s porch to take a whiff of that smokey barbecue goodness and if you are … Read more

How to Season an Electric Smoker for the First Time?

You got your brand-new electric smoker, probably very excited to use and eat some delicious meat. But first, you need to ‘season’ your electric smoker before using it for the first time. It might feel like a time-consuming effort and useless, but you will be thankful later because it is necessary and will surely increase … Read more

What is a Meat Tenderizer Powder and how to use it?

What is a Meat Tenderizer Powder and how to use it?

A Meat Tenderizing powder is a dried tenderizer containing special ingredients which help to weaken the bonding of connective tissues (tough muscles) in meat. The result would be a soft meat chunk that is easier to cook and eat. That’s how restaurant meat dishes turn out tasty and juicy leaving you awed. However, before you … Read more

How To Use An Offset Smoker? – Beginners Guide

We all know that one guy that takes barbequing to another level. For him it’s more than food, it’s a sport. And why shouldn’t it be? The amount of practice and experience it takes to get a decent smoked meal is incomprehensible.  Setting aside the time it takes to get the finely sorted out charcoal, … Read more

Top 8 Reasons To Buy An Electric Smoker

Stepping up means now you’re trying to make new homemade dishes which probably come with their perks, meaning no waiting in long lines at a restaurant or no need to pay huge bills for a single meal with your partner.  However, to perfect that grilled smoked meat takes time. Ask an expert, you’ll be amazed … Read more

Best Meat Tenderizer Powder and Tool Substitutes In 2022

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Meat tenderizer powders are quick in action. However, they contain MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), salt, and preservers that are not friendly to your health. However, that doesn’t mean you can never try a juicy steak.  Below are the most fantastic meat tenderizer powder and tool substitutes in 2022 that would also be readily available at your … Read more