Top 8 Reasons To Buy An Electric Smoker

Stepping up means now you’re trying to make new homemade dishes which probably come with their perks, meaning no waiting in long lines at a restaurant or no need to pay huge bills for a single meal with your partner. 

Electric Smoker

However, to perfect that grilled smoked meat takes time. Ask an expert, you’ll be amazed to know how much burned meat they’ve gone through to reach a decent barbeque meal.

What if I tell you that you don’t have to go through this long journey of barbeque failures to enjoy that grilled goodness?


An electric smoker is an outdoor appliance that uses electricity-driven power to smoke up your food. Without the need for practice or carrying heavy wood logs, you’d be getting more than a decent barbeque on your first try. 

Why You Should Buy An Electric Smoker?


Electric smokers are as easy to use as an electric oven. We all know that the method of smoking meat takes a lot of practice and you’ve to go through a lot of trial and error, but grilled sausages ain’t waiting for no one.

Char-Broil Deluxe 725” Black Digital Electric Smoker

Unlike logs of woods and fire, you can experiment with this method. Changing the temperature, controlling how much smoking the food needs, and checking on the meat to see whether it’s done or not without ruining the whole process, are just the basic pros of having an electric smoker.

Easy to Manage

Smoking meat on charcoal or wood is as hard as it looks. You have to make sure of every single detail or else you won’t get the juicy goodness you imagined you’d be having for dinner. This includes the type of charcoal you use, airflow, controlling temperature, and adjusting dampers.

However, while using an electric smoker there’s no need to check on these little nuances. You just have to fill the tray with water, put the chips in, plug the unit, adjust the temperature, and smoke up the meat. It is as easy as it sounds.

Temperature Maintenance

One step that everyone struggles to get a hold of while burning charcoal is that it’s too difficult to maintain the temperature. 

Propane Smoker vs. Electric Smoker Temperature Range (High and Low Heat)

Many factors interfere in the temperature adjustment including the wind flow and the weather. If it’s too cold outside or if there’s strong blowing wind in your neighborhood you’ll know that your woods are not going to burn the right way and will affect how the food is going to cook.

However, while using an electric smoker you won’t have to even think about any of these factors. Despite there being a hurricane or being just too cold outside, your electric smoker would give you the same results every single time. Now that’s one reason to consider buying an electric smoker.

Light on Your Pockets

Electric smokers are pretty low in cost. You can buy the cheapest and smallest electric smoker you can find and it still would run for a longer run than any other smoker would.

When The Brisket Is Done

Its maintenance is also of lower cost. Even if you combine the wood chips and electricity used it still would be cheaper than the chunks of wood and charcoal you’ll need to buy every single time you crave a smoky rib.

Can Use During a Fire Ban

Summer is the best time to have some spicy smoked wings. However, depending on which state you live in, it’s also the time when a fire ban is imposed.

Without going into the whole climate change debate, you don’t want this to be interrupting your perfect afternoon with your guys. Hence, an electric smoker is a way to go.

While using it, you’re keeping yourself and your fellow ones safe from any hazards that might come out of an uncontrolled fire. You can also get this outdoor party indoors and still have fun at its most.

Making Cold Smoke Easy

Cold smoking is an easy way of giving your food a distinctive smoky flavor without ruining its original taste. 

Cold Smoke electric smoker

This method of smoking is a bit more difficult than the regular one, however, if you want to show off your skills on a special occasion, an electric smoker is the way to go. 

You can cold smoke bacon, fish, cheese, sausages, and even different kinds of desserts. Unlike other smoking appliances you’ll need an easy cold smoking adjustment and that’s it. Now bring out all your electric smoking recipes because nothing is going to stop this smoker.

Good for Health

Nowadays, human health is compromised by the most basic things you can find. From a huge sports car to a small stove in your house, smoke produced by these cool and essential things is not good for your general health, especially lungs.

smoked Beef Brisket - 10 Best Things to Smoke

Using an electric smoker would not only release less smoke in the air but also protect you from carbon monoxide poisoning that non-smokers usually complain about.

Easy Clean-Up

At the end of a conventional smoking session, you usually end up with a pile of ash, grease, and jammed-up soot on your smoker. All this nasty stuff gives you a hard time cleaning up and we don’t think anyone would like to clean all the mess after having their smoked ribs.

In that case, an electric smoker is the best choice. With little to no mess after the smoke session, the used wood chips and water in the tray are easy to discard, leaving you with an easy clean-up.

Take Away

An electric smoker has such versatility with food at such cheap rates that not only you could buy one for yourself but also your close friends and family members. It’s easy to clean, manage and maintain that even if you try, you can not find any better version of a smoker.