Best Meat Tenderizer Powder and Tool Substitutes In 2022

Meat tenderizer powders are quick in action. However, they contain MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), salt, and preservers that are not friendly to your health. However, that doesn’t mean you can never try a juicy steak. 

Below are the most fantastic meat tenderizer powder and tool substitutes in 2022 that would also be readily available at your end. 

Meat Tenderizer Powder Substitutes

Here are some tenderizer powder alternatives you can use for healthy meat tenderization.

Fruit Juices

Powder tenderizers comprise enzymes like Papain, Actinidin, Ficin, Bromelain that make meat juicy and flavorsome. However, papaya, kiwi, figs, and pineapple are rich sources of these enzymes. So, better replace the powder tenderizer with fresh fruit extract since it’s healthier and more functional. 

Citrus Fruits

If in a hurry, you can try using lemon, lime, and oranges as tenderizer substitutes. The citrus helps the tough meat muscles break down, resulting in good chewing of the meat.

Acidic Edibles

Acid and tannins in vinegar, soya, olive oil, tomato juice, and wine are good to go for mushy meat. And since they are primarily available in our kitchens, that also counts as an enormous benefit!

Baking Soda

Baking soda makes the meat’s surface alkaline. Hence, it prevents the protein bonding that causes the core toughness. And ultimately helps the meat to stay soft and pulpy.


You can add salt to your marinade for a perfect, desirable texture of cooked meat. 

Or you can just sprinkle salt on a piece of meat before cooking. This technique also helps keep the meat tender for longer. 

Dairy Marinades

Well! Yogurt and buttermilk are better tenderizers than fruits. So you must try them for more chewy and tasty meat.


The enzyme proteolytic present in artificial tenderizers is also available as ginger. So it’s quite a healthier substitute for meat tenderizer powder. Moreover, it’s suitable for all of your favorite meat.

Tea, Coffee, Cola

Sounds interesting, right?

Yes! You can use black tea, coffee, and cola as meat marinades. Even so, it depends on how long you’d have to marinate the meat in these substitutes.


Cooking your meat pieces using different heating techniques matters a lot when it comes to softness. Stewing, grilling, and braising are the best way to go.

Meat Tenderizer Tool Substitutes

You are looking to tenderize the meat but don’t have a meat mallet. Don’t bother, buddy. Here are some meat tenderizer tool substitutes you can try right away. 

But before pounding meat, you must wrap it up using wax paper, plastic bags, or zip-top bags.

Saucepan or Skillet

Although it sounds funny, the flat-bottom saucepan or iron skillets in your kitchen can prove to be of significant benefit. 

All you need to do is pound meat pieces with any of the mentioned tools since both can help flatten meat cuts smoothly and effortlessly.


Besides using mortar to grind spices and herbs, you can use it to compress different meats.

Rolling Pin

A rolling pin is an essential tool in your kitchenette to flatten cookies and pasta dough. However, it is also helpful to boil down meat size.

Tortilla Press

It is a cookery’s utensil similar to a rolling pin. You can use this for compressing and making pulpy meat stuff with no mess.

Durable Measuring Cups (Pyrex)

Durable cups or pyrex in your galley can help batter beef, chicken, or other types of meat.


Setting thin, extended cuts of meat fibers using a knife is another way of tenderization.

Cutting Board

Rather than cutting veggies on the cutting board, you can use it for getting flavorsome meat.


Hammer can work more like a meat mallet, but you should be careful of its gentle use. Or else, it may shred or tear meat pieces.


That is it for the best meat tenderizer powder and tool substitutes in 2022. So now, no need to worry if you are out of any tenderizer tool or powder. The replacements suggested above are suitable to go.