10 Best Things to Smoke – Ultimate Guide

People who own a smoker must know that “What to cook in a smoker?” is a whole new level of stress. If you think that only meat or different meats are worth smoking, hold on a second; you are still behind time. This article features the 10 best things to smoke in a smoker anytime or by anyone, even beginners. 

Not only this, you will get surprised by how much you were losing all this time if you haven’t tried one of these below. So, don’t wait for more, as the write-up holds a lot!

Best Smoked Food Ideas!

Here are the 10 best things to smoke as a beginner!

Smoked Corn on the Cob 

You might be a fresher to it, but yes!  Smoked corn on the cob tops our list of the ten best things to smoke. It’s because of its heavenly flavors, we believe!

Smoked Corn on the Cob - 10 Best Things to Smoke

To smoke corn, all you need is salt and butter. However, we also recommend adding some fresh citrus juice such as lemon or your favored herbs to turn on the unique savory sweetness. 

After smoking your meat chunks (or even without smoking meat), put corn in the smoker for about 25 to 30 minutes, and here you go! Perfect smoked corn on the cob is ready to serve your tastebuds. The taste of smoked corn gets even better when served with BBQ meat.

Smoked Pulled Pork 

No doubt pulled pork is linked to several recipes. However, that doesn’t stop it from being delightful alone. And when smoked, it screams deliciousness!

Smoked Pulled Pork - 10 Best Things to Smoke

Dry brine your pulled pork overnight and then smoke it slowly over apple and pecan wood to hit that perfect smokiness. Once you find it reaching the unique tenderness, shred it up and mix in the desired amount of BBQ sauce. Have a bite, and there you go serving your tastebuds with celestial impressions. 

Bacon Explosion

Who doesn’t love bacon? I mean, it is everyone’s favorite breakfast; that’s a given. But how about we smoke it up? Well, the deal is not going to expire any time soon. So just jump on the delicious plate and explore the smoked meaty flavors right when you start your day.

Bacon Explosion - 10 Best Things to Smoke

For this out-of-the-box recipe for smokers, fill up Italian sausages with crumbled bacon and also wrap more bacon around these sausages to enjoy that steamy explosion. You can couple it with more ingredients if you like. There isn’t a limit for sure! 

Smoked Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese are yummy, of course, but smoked mac and cheese? OH YES!

Smoke your mac and cheese for a deep unforgetful flavor. Add sausage or bacon for crunchiness and extra cheese. Yes, I mean it; more cheese! Just go for it once and place it in the smoker. Just when the cheese melts and the upper bed starts to get brown, voila! It’s done. 

Smoked Mac and Cheese - 10 Best Things to Smoke

Trust me; you will not be able to stop a second enjoying the topped-up spoons of your smoked mac and cheese. Another reason to try this yummy dish is; it is featured on our ten best things to smoke list.

Beef Brisket

Beef brisket is one of the unique meats to smoke, to be very honest! It’s also one of the best smoking recipes that you should at least try once owning a smoker. 

smoked Beef Brisket - 10 Best Things to Smoke

The ingredients for smoked beef brisket do not include much but are only limited to salt and pepper. It’s because now we’re talking about how you’ll season it, then project it to smoke, wrap it, give it a rest and slice it up to devour. 

Smoked Vegetables

Craving something smokey on a diet? It is time to smoke some veggies, as they contain fewer calories and whole nutrition. On top of that, when I said veggies, I meant ANY vegetable you have on hand. It may be bell peppers, squash, carrots, yams, or even onion. 

Smoked Vegetables - 10 Best Things to Smoke

Take the medium-sized vegetables of your choice, which smoke well and deliver a toothsome savor. Before shoving veggies in the smoker, shower them with some balsamic vinegar and then smoke them for about 45 minutes; that’s it!

Prime Rib

Tradition suggests roasting your prime rib. However, we recommend going a bit fancy with things and trying smoked prime rib. Slowly smoke the prime rib for a few hours over hickory smoke. And the hidden juicy flavors will come out surprisingly. 

Smoked Prime Rib - 10 Best Things to Smoke

Tasted once, you’ll never leave smoked prime rib out of your best things to smoke list. That is also why this smoked recipe is a part of our 10 best things to smoke list. 

Smoked Salmon

You might think that smoked salmon would take your whole day to be cooked. However, if you have let the marination sip into salmon for longer, smoking it won’t take long. 

Smoked Salmon Recipes

Don’t go for shortening the marination time for salmon since that would also minimize the flavors. And we will not be able to count it in the best things to smoke list.

Perfectly marinated and smoked salmon will deliver a unique tenderness that you would probably crave over and over. Couple it up with mashed potatoes or roasted asparagus for a more lovely treat!

Smoked Apples

Apples on a grill? Sounds strange!!! we know! However, it is another best thing to smoke and probably the best to try immediately. 

Smoked Apples - 10 Best Things to Smoke

You only require a few old apples, butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar for this easy-cooked and glazed smoked apple recipe. While serving these smoked apples, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and ta-da! You won’t be able to hold your love for the palate.

Turkey Breast

We all know that turkey breast isn’t that flavorful, even though it’s one of the healthier meat cuts to devour. So, to add flavors, it is best to smoke.

smoked Turkey Breast - 10 Best Things to Smoke

For smoked turkey breast, shove your skinless brined turkey on the smoker and slowly let the flavors turn on. Baste it with a buttery solution to increase the luscious tang hidden underneath.  

Final Thoughts!

Besides meat, you can smoke many things in a smoker, and we believe that now you must have chosen at least one thing to smoke from our list of 10 best things to smoke. 

Although all are amazing and unique in their way, we recommend giving smoked turkey breast a shot. It is outstanding and especially low in fat which is a healthier option!