Norpro 24-Prongs Meat Tenderizer Tool Review

Meat has surely been a premier ingredient in our foods for centuries. From delicious red meat to fancy poultry to tasty die-hard seafood dishes, we are sure that one of the sub-categories of these meats has been a part of your cooking list unless you’re a complete vegetarian.

The softness of meat is often mixed with its quality, but to tell you the truth, quality has much less to do with the resulting juicy, tender meat on your dinner plate. It is absolutely excellent to experience the natural flavors of perfectly tender meat.

But these mouth-watering ready meats don’t just appear out of the blue at your dining table. Behind-the-scenes of these tender dishes demand some magic.

With that said, the magic is actually in using different techniques of tenderizing meat. One of these techniques includes the mechanical method: such that using a gadget. 

In this article, we will make you familiar with a Meat Tenderizing Tool by giving our best-detailed review on it.

A meat tenderizer is a must-have tool for any meat admirer. 

You may wonder how to find the Best Meat Tenderizer Tool

No need to anymore as we present to you one of the best meat tenderizers on our tenderizing tool list.

Norpro Meat Tenderizer is a durable plastic-built tool with 24 prongs that are of stainless steel material.

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Stay stick to this post to discover its amazing deep details.

Now the wait is over. 

Whether you are a beef-freak or love to take poultry in your protein diet, Norpo Meat Tenderizer is going to help you in experiencing natural juices, flow deep into these meats. Besides this, it also increases the cooking time of meat by actual cooking and makes the meat marinade-absorber. 

The tenderizer tool has 24 stainless steel knife-like prongs that perforate deep into the meat fibers to make them weaker. The 2-inch plastic spring-loaded disk gives perfect tenderizing domination. Sharp prongs pass through the tiny holes of the disk straight into the meat as soon as you press down the powerful plastic handle. The spring mechanism rises to action when you librate the downward stress, permitting you to tenderize the other parts of meat with the same smoothness.

The Norpo 24-Prongs Meat Tenderizer is quite easy to use and lightweight. For safe storage, you can hang it up by the hole in the handle’s end or put it in the drawer.

For keeping it clean and set to work, we recommend you hand wash the tenderizer.

Notable Features of Norpro 24-Prongs Meat Tenderizing Tool

  • Heavy-duty spring-action mechanism.
  • 24 pointed-sharp stainless-steel prongs.
  • The 2-inch plastic spring-loaded disk at the bottom.
  • Ultimately, light-weight.
  • The hole in the handle’s end provides safe storage. 
  • Easy to use.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Light-weight.
  • Knife-like sharp prongs.
  • Works on a good deal of meat such as turkey, chicken, steak, pork.
  • Make small pores in the meat to make it tender-soft and marinade-absorber.
  • Admirably fits in hand.


  • The prongs may jam inside and cause difficulty when pulling out of the meat.
  • May demand more strength for thick cuts of meat.

Designing of Norpro 24-Prongs Meat Tenderizing Tool

The design of the Norpo Meat Tenderizer Tool features 24 razor-sharp stainless steel prongs. These stainless steel prongs perforate deep into a good deal of meat and make the tough connective tissues, which causes the toughness in meat, to become delicate. This helps you out in the marination process and makes the meat more tender and juicy to bite.

The prongs of this Tool are extremely sharp so that you can enjoy the natural exquisite flavors of the meat. Your recurrent use won’t cause any abrasion to prongs later on, which ensures its durability.

The 2-inch plastic spring-loaded disk grants flawless tenderizing power. As soon as you press the hefty plastic handle downwards, razor-like sharp prongs progress down through minute holes of plastic disk straightly into the meat.

The sturdy spring mechanism performs its action when you let go of the downward tension, letting you tenderize the other meat sections with the same smoothness. This design reduces cooking time so you can sprightly enjoy the delicious steaks.

This Norpo 24-Prongs meat tenderizer weighs only 4 ounces, certifying its efficient light-weightiness and easy usage. 

Cleaning and Safety of Norpro 24-Prongs Meat Tenderizing Tool

Many types of Meat Tenderizer Tools have metal-like construction and knife-like blades. Some may also exhibit double functionality, such as plain or textured surface tenderizer tools. However, they all have the same purpose as Norpo meat tenderizers. 

Some tenderizer tools are easy to clean and of safe usage. Norpo 24 prongs meat tenderizer is one of them. The Brand Norpo made their tool quite lightweight, so even if you haven’t used such a tool before, you would still feel completely comfortable holding it. And the safety provided by this tool will surprise you even more.

Not to mention the fact that the tenderizer has a bottom plastic 2-inch base that clearly avoids your contact with sharp prongs to establish safety measures.

Cleaning this tool needs your gentle touch only. But we still advocate you first to soak it in the hot soapy water and wash it later on to guarantee hygienic cleaning. We also recommend hand washing.

The safety option also caters to a fit-in-the-hand facility. So you can do work with no worry.

Performance of Norpro 24-Prongs Meat Tenderizing Tool

Before buying any product, keep in mind to check its performance, Its durability to endure heavy work and to keep up with your wants. What’s the point of buying a tenderizer that doesn’t even tender the meat? 

The performance of the Norpo tenderizing tool can be estimated by its prongs only. As the prongs are its key and best-loved feature. These prongs perform an incredible action on any type of meat. When you press down the tool, the prongs delicately perforate in the meat. So when you simply cook the meat, heat approaches all sections and makes it tender and chewable. Or when you apply marination to meat, its absorption activity enhances, leaving you with bewildering flavors. 

Besides this, the high-class performance of these prongs shortens the cooking time for you. So now enjoy restaurant-like soft and juicy meat at home that takes only seconds to ready.

Final Verdict

We highly cherish your valuable time and attention on our review of the Norpo 24-prongs meat tenderizer tool, written absolutely with the pure intention to benefit you.
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