When to Use a Meat Tenderizer Hammer?

When it’s finally a meat-meal day, but you’re torn between when to tenderize your meat or should it even need tenderizing? In that case, most of the pleasure spoils, as the frustration takes you to the point of searching it up on the internet, where finding a perfect answer to your query takes a lot more effort than only searching it up. 

However, not to tire it up more for yourself, as we’ve meticulously explained when to use a meat tenderizer hammer in detail. 

So, let’s jump into it!

Here’s When You Should Use a Meat Tenderizer Hammer 

Use your meat tenderizer hammer every time you are dealing with the toughest and cheaper meat cuts. These meat cuts include Brisket (lower chest or breast meat), Chuck (shoulder meat or 7-bone steak), Flank (abdomen meat), Round (meat from the back), Sirloin (meat from loin), Shank (thigh meat), and Plate (belly meat)

Especially if you’re going to grill or fry these tough meat cuts, the hammer tenderizer will help sufficiently to make the meat chewable and juicer. 

If we talk about time, then there is no specific time for using a meat tenderizer hammer. You can always hammer the meat 5, 10, or even 20 minutes before cooking. In addition, you can pound the meat until it feels indolent, a bit thicker, and evenly spread out.


Using a tenderizer tool is undoubtedly different from utilizing a tenderizer powder. Powders come with specific guidings for cooking and all, but that is not the case with tools. 

Therefore, we are sure that now you know when to use a meat tenderizer hammer. Also, comment it down below if it was helpful!